Attleboro Area Football Hall of Fame

 May 15, 2013


Sitting left to right: Sean Peters, Nathan Lynch, Harrison Carmichael, Peter Hamil, Antonio Paulino-Taylor, Ben Jette, Reid Holden, and Jared Harris Standing left to right: Zachary Forget, Alex Jette, Desmond Cornetta, Zach Lefort, Oladipo Olaogun, and Sean Currann

The Attleboro Area Football Hall of Fame, in partnership with the L.G. Balfour Foundation, has awarded a total of $180,000 in scholarships to 168 graduating seniors at Attleboro, Bishop Feehan, and North Attleboro High Schools since 2001. This year’s scholarship recipients (along with the colleges they are attending) include:

School Name College Attending
Attleboro High School Sean Curran U MASS Amherst
Attleboro High School Jared Harris U MASS Amherst
Attleboro High School Zach Lefort University of New Haven
Attleboro High School Oladipo OlaogunU MASS Amherst
Bishop Feehan Desmond Cornetta U MASS Amherst
Bishop Feehan Zachary Forget Westfield State University
Bishop Feehan Peter Hamill Massachusetts maritime Academy
Bishop Feehan Antonio Paulino-Taylor Curry College
North Attleboro J. Harrison Carmichael Bowdoin College
North Attleboro Sean Peters Sacred Heart University
North Attleboro Alex Jette Brown University
North Attleboro Ben Jette U Mass Amherst
North Attleboro Reid Holden Quinnipiac

The selection of the fourteen seniors reflects the outstanding commitment to football, great leadership skills, and sportsmanship they displayed during their four years in high school.

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