Attleboro Area Football Hall of Fame

Front row left to right: Bornstein, Proia, O'Neil, and Tornifoglio.
Middle row left to right: Gohring, DeBalsi, Fears, and Brillon.
Third row standing left to right: Leclerc, Foley, Armitage, Gomes, Perkoski, Hitchcock.

The Attleboro Area Football Hall of Fame, in partnership with the L.G. Balfour Foundation, has awarded a total of $75,000 in scholarships to 65 graduating seniors at Attleboro, Bishop Feehan, and North Attleboro High Schools since 2001. This year's scholarship recipients (along with the colleges they are attending) include:

School Name College Attending
Attleboro High School Christopher Gomes Springfield College
Attleboro High SchoolAndrew LeclercUniversity of Massachusetts
Attleboro High SchoolBrian Armitage Wentworth Institute of Technology
Attleboro High SchoolJeremy GohringAtlantic Culinary Academy
Attleboro High SchoolKevin FoleyBristol Community College
Bishop Feehan Jay BornsteinNortheastern University
Bishop Feehan William Proia WPI
Bishop Feehan Thomas Brillon Western New England College
Bishop Feehan Shane Tornifoglio UCONN
Bishop Feehan Christopher O'Neil Roger Williams University
North Attleboro Aaron Fears U MASS Amherst
North Attleboro Anthony DeBalsi Massachusetts Maritime Academy
North Attleboro Evan Perkoski Temple University
North Attleboro Mike Napolitano Weslyan University

 The selection of these seniors reflects the outstanding commitment to football, great leadership skills, and sportsmanship they displayed during their past four years in high school.

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