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  1. McNamee, Joe

    Biography Joe was a two-way starter for North during the super bowl seasons of 1973 and 1974. He was a powerful blocking tight end in North's devastating wishbone offense, and a hard-nosed tackle on defense. Although North seldom put the ball in the air, Joe caught several key passes, the most memorable being his catch during the 1973 Turkey Day game when after his re...
    Inducted1990High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1975 file
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  2. Meyer, Keith

    Biography Keith epitomized the North Football Player. At 5'9" 165 lbs, his hard nosed style of play at linebacker bellied his size disadvantage. Keith led the Rocketeer defense by amassing a team- leading 63 tackles, 22 assists and 2 interceptions as a junior, as a senior co-captain, be responded with 57 tackles, 21 assists and i interception, again leading the team, ...
    Inducted1998High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1988 file
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  3. Meyer, Mitch

    Biography As a sophomore Mitch Meyer got a good taste of what the tradition of Big Red Football was all about. He saw some action on special teams and played quite often during the fourth quarter of games when North had a comfortable lead. One of those games was North’s second Super Bowl win, a 33-6 win over Greater Lawrence. Mitch learned his lessons well. As a junio...
    Inducted2005High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1977 file
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  4. Mikulis, Jason

    Biography Smart, tough, and durable are three adjectives used by then Assistant Football Coach Paul Sullivan to describe North Attleboro’s Jason Mikulis. As a 6’6” and 210 lb. receiver, Mikulis amazed the Rocketeer coaches with his ability to catch the ball in a crowd or while being hit low. Jason also had the strength to ward of physically stronger defensive tackles ...
    Inducted2006High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1991 file
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  5. Munroe, Toot

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1925
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  6. Newport, Mark

    Biography One of only a handful of Red Rocketeers to play varsity football as a freshman, Mark Newport quickly established himself as one of the all time leading running backs in North's storied football history. Through the seasons of 1985 to 1988, Mark rushed for over 2,100 yards on 404 carries, averaging over 5 yds per carry and scoring 30 career touchdowns. A phys...
    Inducted1997High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1989 file
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  7. Onoyan, Steve

    Biography Steve was an impact player for three years as a two-way standout for the Red Rocketeeers. At 6'1'' and 193 pounds, Steve was a devastating blocker from his fullback slot, and an equally effective defensive performer at free safety. The versatile youngster also carried the ball 134 times for 717 yards and scored 5 touchdowns for the Red and White, filled in a...
    Inducted1991High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1983 file
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  8. Ouimet, Phil

    Biography Phil Ouimet is the fourth member of the 1973 football team to be selected to the Attleboro Area Football Hall of Fame. Many Rocketeer fans rate the 8-1 '73 squad as the best to wear the Red and White. There is no doubt that they were the team that put North on the road to success for the next twenty plus years. In his junior year Phil was a standout defensiv...
    Inducted1994High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1973 file
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  9. Ouimet, Ron

    Biography The mid 60's were not the glory years for the Red Rocketeer football faithful. However the team bad some outstanding performers. Ron "Poet" Ouimet was a big strong two way starter during the seasons of 1964-1966. Ouimet started at tackle on both offense and defense for the red and white for three years. He was described in a local newspaper article as being ...
    Inducted1998High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1967 file
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  10. Patch, Brian

    Biography Brian Patch was a 3 year starter for the Red Rocketeers. The rugged tight end- linebacker started as a sophomore at tight end for North in 1975. He scored his first touchdown against Stoughton, and was well on his way to a big game against Attleboro when he was sidelined by a knee injury late in the first half. The 1976 season saw Brian return as a confident...
    Inducted1994High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1978 file
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  11. Patch, Ray

    Biography The football season of 1972 was the start of the most successful era in North Attleboro High School's football history. The wishbone offense was introduced and Big Red Machine got revved up. The Rocketeers featured a devastating ground game with a stable of Hall of Fame running backs. The success that these backs realized was due in a large part to a great o...
    Inducted2000High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1974 file
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  12. Peao, Leon

    Biography Leon Peao brought three special qualities to his assignment as an end on a series of standout North teams of the late Thirties- speed, intelligence, and exceptional athletic ability. As a two-way performer in an era when players routinely played without relief, Leon contributed both offensively and defensively as a dangerous pass receiver and a sure-handed t...
    Inducted1991High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1938 file
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  13. Perkoski, Ben

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1928
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  14. Perkoski, Jared

    Biography In the game of high school football there are a very few players who have a dynamic presence on both sides of the ball. Jared Perkoski was one of those few. The 6’3” 214 lb. Perkoski was a hard charging fullback on offense and a devastating linebacker defensively. In 1997, Jared’s sophomore year he started at linebacker for the Red and White against a tough ...
    Inducted2006High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated2000 file
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  15. Perkoski, Johnny

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1960
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  16. Peters, Sean

    Biography At 6’4 and 240 lbs., Co-Captain Sean Peters was a 3-year starter at offensive tackle and 2-year starter at defensive tackle. His toughness (played through a torn labrum), athleticism (great feet which allowed him excel as a blocker), and smarts (playing multiple positions on defense) helped Peters to be one of the best linemen to ever wear the Red & Whit...
    Inducted2018High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated2013 file
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  17. Phipps, Kevin

    Biography In these days of specialization in sports Kevin Phipps would indeed be unique. He played many different positions on a couple of very successful North teams. During the seasons of 60, 61 and 62, whenever Coach Ed Marx needed a dependable hard-nosed player he would look to Phipps. Over the course of three years Kevin saw duty on the offensive side of the ball...
    Inducted1997High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1963 file
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  18. Pierce, Jim

    Biography Jim Pierce was a two-way starter for the powerful North teams of 1971 and '72. As co-captain of the '72 team, one of the most overpowering in the school's history, the 230-pound tackle anchored an offensive line that cleared the way for a 301-point season. He was equally effective on defense, helping the tough North line to limit the opposition to 31 season-...
    Inducted1991High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1973 file
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  19. Pirri, Anthony

    Biography Anthony Pirri was a talented two-way player that made his mark earlier than most Red Rocketeers. As a freshman, Anthony was the starting quarterback for the “Miracle in the Mud” – a 19-16 upset of Super Bowl bound Attleboro on Thanksgiving. As a sophomore, he was moved to wide receiver and punt returner where he was able to show flashes of what was to come i...
    Inducted2015High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1996 file
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  20. Poirier, Kevin

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1959
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