North Attleboro High School
North Attleboro High School
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Inducted 2012
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Graduated 2001



“I’m playing.”

With that simple, declarative statement, uttered the day before North’s contest versus Mansfield during his senior year, Jerome Kennedy articulated the essence of his personal approach to football. Viewed within the context of the magnitude of the game and the seriousness of Jerome’s ankle injury that caused him to miss several games and kept him out of practice for most of the week, these words epitomize the spirit of Big Red football.

In many ways, Jerome Kennedy personifies the core values of the North Attleboro HS football program. What he lacked in size and speed, he more than made up for with heart and a selfless attitude. Jerome’s high ankle sprain, which caused him to miss several games, including the loss to Foxboro, was the result of his refusal to go down after a long gain against Stoughton as he struggled for additional yards. “I was more of a team first kind of guy then, and I still kind of am today,” says Kennedy. “I think my nomination to the Hall of Fame is more about the class of 2001 as a whole than it is about me personally. I was just honored to have been selected captain of that team.” For the record, North’s record during Jerome’s three varsity seasons was 30-2.

Jerome grew up next to Community Field, and he always dreamed of being a part of the Friday night action. His contributions began during his sophomore year with 11 carries, a pair of receptions and one solo tackle. As a junior and senior, Kennedy became an all-purpose threat, amassing 67 carries, 23 receptions and a handful of interceptions and kick returns that contributed to North’s two-year total of 680 points scored. He also recorded 51 tackles and 8 assists from his rover position. However, these numbers alone do not tell the whole story of Kennedy’s impact as a Red Rocketeer. Besides being one of the team’s best players, Jerome was its spiritual leader.

One of Jerome’s biggest honors was his election as captain of a team that had won 32 straight games and three consecutive super bowls entering his senior year. He is proud of his and his teammates’ accomplishments, especially “the way we handled ourselves in a manner that would make our coaches, families and the community proud.” Jerome is also proud of his team’s victory over Attleboro on Thanksgiving and his selection as the game’s defensive MVP. In addition, Kennedy is proud to be the recipient of the Raymond Beaupre LTD Award, presented to the senior player who best exemplifies the values of loyalty, toughness and discipline that were the hallmark of Coach Beaupre’s teams. And also, about that big game versus Mansfield his senior year – Jerome Kennedy didn’t miss a play, had several tough runs and made a number of key stops to help North defeat the Hornets, 13-7.

At the conclusion of his senior season, Jerome was named a Hockomock League All Star.

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