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  1. Bodinski, Jim

    Biography Jim Bodinski helped usher in the wishbone era at North Attleboro High School. The 6', 180 pound fullback was an important cog in an offensive machine that amassed 273 points in an impressive 8-1 season for the Rocketeers. The 1972 eleven's success at running was dependent on having a hard hitting fullback that could keep defenses honest. The fullback positio...
    Inducted1992High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1973 file
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  2. Bosh, George

    Biography For close to the last 30 years, few individuals associated with Attleboro High School Athletics have worn more hats than George Bosh. The pride of the Blue and White was forged during his playing days under the direction of legendary head coach Jim Cassidy as a starting offensive guard and defensive end for the 1963 AHS football team. Shortly after his gradu...
    Inducted2015High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated1964 file
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  3. Bosh, Matt

    Biography When Matt Bosh decided to end his one-year hiatus from football to suit up for his junior year, he instantly became the cornerstone of the Attleboro High School offensive line for the next two years. His hard work, determination & presence lifted the Bombardiers from a respectful team his junior season, to the schools first Super Bowl participant in his ...
    Inducted2003High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1992 file
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  4. Bosh, Nick

    Biography Nick Bosh, who is the youngest of three Bosh brothers, attended many practices and games prior to finally stepping onto Tozier Cassidy Field for the Blue & White of Attleboro High School. Once on the field, however, all the watching paid off as Bosh anchored his offensive line and stonewalled offenses with outstanding defensive line play. Nick’s leadersh...
    Inducted2009High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1998 file
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  5. Boudreau, Ray

    Biography As a three-year starter. Ray Boudreau was a key to Attleboro's Bristol County League Championships in 1969 and 1970. A tough, hard nosed player, Ray started at linebacker, alternated at quarterback, ran and passed from the halfback slot, led the team in pass receiving, and handled the kicking chores. As a junior. Boudreau led the Bombadiers in scoring while ...
    Inducted1986High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1971 file
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  6. Bourbeau, Jon

    Biography The success of many good high school football teams is often credited to the ability of its offensive players in the skilled positions. However, good teams will never become great teams without fundamentally sound and mentally tough players like Jon Bourbeau. The 1993 Rocketeer football team, captained by Bourbeau, was one of the school’s most successful and...
    Inducted2008High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1994 file
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  7. Brennan, James "Jay"

    Biography Football is a demanding sport when one is healthy and the team is winning. When playing injured on a team where victories are few and losses are frustrating, it becomes the ultimate challenge. As a three-year starter on Bishop Feehan teams which faced great adversity, Jay Brennan met that challenge. The 5'9" 170 pound running back showed power and strength w...
    Inducted2001High School AttendedBishopGraduated1979 file
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  8. Buckley, Eric

    Biography During the 1994 football season Hall of Fame quarterbacks Tom Sherman’s and Ted Larkin’s go-to target for a big reception was always Eric Buckley. Buckley was a dominating all teams starter for a talent-heavy Attleboro Blue Bombardier squad that was “on a mission”. The 6'3" senior receiver and defensive end was considered the big play maker for the 9-1 Bomba...
    Inducted2009High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1995 file
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  9. Buckley, Terry

    Biography Terry Buckley was a powerful two-way player on the standout Bishop Feehan teams of 1974 and 1975, teams which featured three other Hall of Famers in Henry McDeed, Peter Grundy, and Frank Luongo. A halfback on offense and cornerback on defense, Terry led the Shamrocks to close wins over Bourne, Wareham, and Coyle-Cassidy, in his junior year, scoring touchdown...
    Inducted1990High School AttendedBishopGraduated1976 file
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  10. Burns, Chris

    Biography In 1992, 1993, and 1994, the talented Blue Bombardiers proved to be three of the best teams in AHS history. Although they were loaded with outstanding players, none were as dominant as tight end/defensive end Chris Bums. A three year starter, the tough 6'3" 240 lb Bums was a true impact player who could change the direction of the game or force the opponents...
    Inducted2000High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1995 file
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  11. Burns, George

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1960
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  12. Bury, Tom (Deceased)

    Biography It would be tough to find a high school athlete who loved the game of football more than Tom Bury. His love for the game coupled with his friendly personality made Tom a great teammate and a coaches' dream. There was never a Rocketeer football player who worked harder on the practice field and performed with more intensity on game day. Bury was the king pin ...
    Inducted2000High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1981 file
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  13. Butterfield, Greg

    Biography In an era of outstanding AHS teams, and outstanding players, Greg Butterfield stood our as one of the best at his position in Bombardier history. A powerful 5'11" 190 lb. offensive center and defensive linebacker, Butterfield was selected team MVP on a 1972 Blue and White squad that included Hall of Famers Todd Holt and Fred Pardey. Greg, who came from a fin...
    Inducted1994High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1973 file
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  14. Byrnes, Jack (Bishop Feehan)

    Biography Every school needs a Jack Byrnes. As a young 15 year old sophomore on Bishop Feehan’s first football team, like many of his teammates Jack Byrnes had visions of football stardom. Although a serious asthmatic condition made it difficult to play, dislocating his knee cap in the summer before his junior year rendered it impossible. Jack faced a question that ma...
    Inducted2006High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  15. Cahill, Jon

    Biography An extremely driven and coachable individual, Jon Cahill was an example of hard work and consistency throughout his career as a Red Rocketeer. His play garnered the following words from Coach Paul Sullivan. “He was the prototypical North lineman. He was not big by traditional lineman standards but his foundation like many of his predecessors was based on a c...
    Inducted2011High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated2001 file
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  16. Calcagni, Phil

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1931
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  17. Calcia, Tony (North Attleboro)

    Biography Although his playing career involved only one fumble recovery in an otherwise unremarkable season as a junior varsity defensive lineman, Tony Calcia has had a huge impact on North Attleboro High School football. He has established himself as one of North Attleboro's most loyal supporters and the architect of some of its most enduring recent traditions. Begin...
    Inducted2001High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  18. Campbell, Matt

    Biography Ask any high school football fan of Attleboro area football, and you would have difficulty finding anyone who could a name a more complete all-around football player than Attleboro High’s Matt Campbell. As a 6’1, 225 lb. running back/linebacker with sprinter’s speed and athleticism, Campbell dominated the football field for AHS for three consecutive seasons....
    Inducted2015High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated2010 file
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  19. Candelet, Kevin

    Biography Kevin Candelet was a four year contributor to the varsity football program at Attleboro High School. As a freshman, Candelet would play the freshman game with his classmates and then dress for the varsity game where we would play special teams. From sophomore through senior year, Candelet was the game-changer on special teams, a talented option at running ba...
    Inducted2006High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1987 file
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  20. Candelet, Milt (North Attleboro)

    Biography Milt Candelet was the father of five Red Rocketeer football players (Ronald-'62, Gary -'62, Robert -'63, George -'81 and Lindley -'81) and grandfather of Kevin Candelet (AHS Class of '85). He made a number of contributions to North Attleboro athletics, but his greatest legacy is the Monday Night Gridiron Club that he helped to establish in response to huge b...
    Inducted2003High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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