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  1. Walsh, Dennis (Attleboro)

    Biography Dennis Walsh has been an avid supporter of Attleboro Athletics for over 25 years. Dennis started his volunteering as a member of the chain gang in 1991 and has continued giving back to his alma mater for a quarter century highlighted with his work on the new stadium and weight room projects in 2013. A steadfast supporter of the stadium, Dennis lobbied the me...
    Inducted2016High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  2. Walsh, Tim

    Biography Tim Walsh, AHS class of 2014 Tim Walsh ended his career as the most prolific passer in AHS history where he set school records for touchdown passes in a career (41), a season (29) and a game (6). Under Tim’s leadership, his team is the only one in AHS history to beat archrival North Attleboro twice in one season. The 2013 edition of AHS football has to go do...
    Inducted2019High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated file
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  3. Warchol, Dan

    Biography The athletic and intelligent Dan Warchol lead by example on offensive, defensive and special teams. As a sophomore, when called upon, Dan won over his teammates and coaches respect with his dedication, effort and knowledge of the game. During his junior season, Warchol's confidence and experience resulted in more playing time. Dan's senior season demonstrate...
    Inducted2003High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1995 file
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  4. Warchol, Jamie

    Biography As a two year starter in 1991 and 1992, halfback Jamie Warchol proved to be one of the most versatile and exciting players to ever wear the Bombardier Blue and White. The 5'9" 1651b. "dynamo" was an outstanding open field, cut back runner, skilled halfback option passer, great return man, excellent receiver, and a tough defensive back. On a very talented 199...
    Inducted2000High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1993 file
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  5. Warchol, Matt

    Biography “Mooooose, Moooose”, was often heard bellowing out from the stands and along the sidelines at Big Blue football games from 1996 to 1998, because Matt ‘Moose’ Warchol was making game changing plays. Matt is the youngest of five Warchol kids (sister, Caroline and brothers, former AHS standout Paul, and Hall of Famers, Jamie-’93 and Danny-’95). He always attend...
    Inducted2010High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1999 file
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  6. Warren, Tom

    Biography He was the best athlete in the school and the toughest player on the team, but he labored in relative anonymity. He endured two long losing seasons before leading a resurgence in Feehan football that has lasted for fifteen seasons. And he was a “character”—a locker room presence who portrayed himself as the reincarnation of Jim Morrison, and whose penetratin...
    Inducted2006High School AttendedBishopGraduated1993 file
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  7. Warzycha, Joseph

    Biography Joseph Warzycha – Bishop Feehan ‘92 Joe Warzycha was an outstanding football player and leader on a young, inexperienced, and not very good football team in the early 1990’s. Had Joe played for one of the subsequent Shamrock winning teams that he laid the foundation for; he likely would have been accepting this induction many years ago. With a lean, muscular...
    Inducted2019High School AttendedBishopGraduated file
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  8. Wayne, Bill (Attleboro)

    Biography For 25 years Bill Wayne enriched the Attleboro High School football program with his high level of dedication, loyalty, and coaching skills. Bills' no-nonsense coaching style, coupled with his constant emphasis on the fundamentals, shaped the skills of many future -Bombadier greats. Following an outstanding football career at Lynn English, Bill joined the Ma...
    Inducted1990High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  9. Weeman, Nate

    Biography Nate Weeman was a co-captain and cornerstone of a great North defense that surrendered a mere 127 points en route to an 11-0 Division 3A Super Bowl Championship in 1993. Former head coach Ray Beaupre remembers Weeman as “a physical, tough kid with good athletic ability who could run and make all the plays.” Beaupre calls Weeman and teammate and fellow Hall o...
    Inducted2009High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1994 file
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  10. Wheeler, Dan

    Biography Soft hands with speed to bum characterize Dan Wheeler, one of the finest pass receivers to ever wear the Green and Gold of Bishop Feehan. In running precise patterns, he combined with QB Steve Judge to catch 27 passes 457 yards and nine TD's in his senior year. His ability to be the "Go To Guy" in Feehan's passing game perfectly complemented the explosive ru...
    Inducted1997High School AttendedBishopGraduated1985 file
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  11. Whidden, Tom

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1964
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  12. Whidden, Wes

    Biography Whidden had to be one of the most versatile players to ever wear the red and white. During the years from 1963 - 1966 Wes saw action on the offensive side of the ball as a center, tackle, end, and running back. Defensively his aggressive hard hitting style earned him the reputation as one of the best linebackers in the area. Wes's defensive accomplishments w...
    Inducted1993High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1967
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  13. Williams, Rob

    Biography Rob Williams did not get all the headlines, especially playing in the same backfield as Hall of Famer Jason Baker, however, combined the Williams/Baker duo made arguably the best backfield in AHS history. A physical runner and aggressive, smart defensive end, Williams was a three-way threat who also played a pivotal role on special teams as a return man who ...
    Inducted2010High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1997 file
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  14. Withington, Joe

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1956
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  15. Worrall, Dale

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1928
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  16. Yates, Ray (North Attleboro)

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  17. Yurof, Mike

    Biography Sure-handed, reliable, and clutch, Mike Yurof stood only 5 feet 6 inches tall, but his leadership and big-play ability were indispensible in the rags-to-riches story that was the Bishop Feehan High School football program in the early 1990’s. The Shamrocks, coming off a disappointing two-year stretch which included an 0-10-1 season in 1991 and with hopes rid...
    Inducted2010High School AttendedBishopGraduated1994 file
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  18. Zito, Al

    Biography As a three-year starter for the Blue Bombadiers in the early Sixties, AI Zito was a brilliant sparkplug for the Blue and White offense. The diminutive field general was a capable passer and elusive runner who frequently scrambled out of trouble, either to complete his passes or chalk up long gains. As a sophomore, AI won the Balfour Trophy with his late game...
    Inducted1987High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1965 file
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