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  1. McNally, Bryan

    Biography Bishop Feehan Coach Curt Smith described Bryan McNally as a “beloved teammate who brought a lot of personality and fun to practice,” but when the whistle blew, McNally was “tough as nails - all business.” As a 6 foot, 215 pound OLB/DB, McNally was tasked with setting the edge for the 2001 edition of the Shamrock defense. Coach Smith said McNally did that bet...
    Inducted2018High School AttendedBishopGraduated2002 file
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  2. McNally, Steve

    Biography Steve McNally broke into a veteran Shamrock line-up as a junior center and defensive end. He labored quietly alongside fellow Hall of Famers Michael Achin and Peter Grundy on a team that featured a punishing ground game. Despite the prominence of his teammates it was McNally's key 4th down sack in the waning moments of the 1974 Thanksgiving game against Bish...
    Inducted1993High School AttendedBishopGraduated1976
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  3. McNamee, Joe

    Biography Joe was a two-way starter for North during the super bowl seasons of 1973 and 1974. He was a powerful blocking tight end in North's devastating wishbone offense, and a hard-nosed tackle on defense. Although North seldom put the ball in the air, Joe caught several key passes, the most memorable being his catch during the 1973 Turkey Day game when after his re...
    Inducted1990High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1975 file
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  4. McNamee, Nick

    Biography For an Attleboro football program coming off a Super Bowl season and having just graduated their starting quarterback, Nick McNamee was the perfect fit to take the helm. Nick always performed at a high level whether on offense as a quarterback, in the defensive backfield, or as a kicker on special teams. Nick is most remembered for his outstanding accomplish...
    Inducted2007High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1999 file
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  5. Menard, Dave

    Biography For three years, Bombardier Dave Menard proved to be one of the most dominate football players to ever wear the Blue and White. A powerful 6'2", 210 lb. fullback and linebacker, Menard combined speed, power, grace and toughness to dominate opponents both offensively and defensively. As a junior fullback, Dave rushed for 806 yards and nine TD's, caught three ...
    Inducted1999High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1994 file
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  6. Mendes, Steve

    Biography An outstanding three sport star at AHS, Steve Mendes was best described as the ''classic" fullback on the I 965 and 1966 Bombardier football teams. The powerful, 195lb. "workhorse" was a steady, dependable ground gainer who could beat opponents with strength or speed. The versatile hard running, Mendes was also a steady receiver, returned kicks, and was outs...
    Inducted1993High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1967 file
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  7. Mercier, Mark (Attleboro)

    Biography Although he was an excellent three sport athlete for the Blue Bombardiers in the late 1930's, it is Mark Mercier's outstanding contributions to the City of Attleboro and his long term support of the Attleboro area Football Hall of Fame that merits his selection as a 1993 Honorary Inductee. The former City Council President has provided the committee with ove...
    Inducted1993High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  8. Mercier, Pete

    Biography Although frequently overshadowed by his flashy backfield mates, Pete Mercier was the steady, self-disciplined player that led the Attleboro eleven through its brilliant 1941 undefeated and untied season. An outstanding all-around athlete, the versatile and speedy Mercier could do it aU from his right-halfback position. In a win over Coyle, Pete scored on a 6...
    Inducted1996High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1942 file
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  9. Merlin, Dean

    Biography Power-Strength-Size-The prototype Stud Lineman who can single handedly control a game best describes Dean "The Dream" Merlin. The 6'4" 240 pound tackle teamed with 6'4" 235 pound Mike Achin in creating one of the most formidable tandems ever to play for Bishop Feehan. As Coach Paul O'Boy stated, "By virtue of their size and athletic ability, they're two of t...
    InductedHigh School AttendedBishopGraduated1975
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  10. Messier, Dan

    Biography Standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 280 pounds, Dan Messier was the largest lineman the Bishop Feehan football team has ever seen, before or since his arrival. Still, Messier almost never became a football player. Primarily a basketball player in his youth and early high school days, Messier never played football until his junior year at Feehan as ...
    Inducted2008High School AttendedBishopGraduated1997 file
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  11. Meyer, Keith

    Biography Keith epitomized the North Football Player. At 5'9" 165 lbs, his hard nosed style of play at linebacker bellied his size disadvantage. Keith led the Rocketeer defense by amassing a team- leading 63 tackles, 22 assists and 2 interceptions as a junior, as a senior co-captain, be responded with 57 tackles, 21 assists and i interception, again leading the team, ...
    Inducted1998High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1988 file
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  12. Meyer, Mitch

    Biography As a sophomore Mitch Meyer got a good taste of what the tradition of Big Red Football was all about. He saw some action on special teams and played quite often during the fourth quarter of games when North had a comfortable lead. One of those games was North’s second Super Bowl win, a 33-6 win over Greater Lawrence. Mitch learned his lessons well. As a junio...
    Inducted2005High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1977 file
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  13. Mikulis, Jason

    Biography Smart, tough, and durable are three adjectives used by then Assistant Football Coach Paul Sullivan to describe North Attleboro’s Jason Mikulis. As a 6’6” and 210 lb. receiver, Mikulis amazed the Rocketeer coaches with his ability to catch the ball in a crowd or while being hit low. Jason also had the strength to ward of physically stronger defensive tackles ...
    Inducted2006High School AttendedN. AttleboroGraduated1991 file
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  14. Mitchell, Carl (North Attleboro)

    Biography During the last four decades there is no one who has shown more dedication to the football program at North Attleboro High School than Carl Mitchell Mitch first became involved with the athletic programs at North in 1965, when he was in the eighth grade. Ever since that time he has spent a good pan of his life repairing equipment and healing the wounded in R...
    Inducted1993High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  15. Molitor, Mike (Bishop Feehan)

    Biography In 1962 the pioneers of Bishop Feehan football embarked on their journey in a dry and dusty farmland of waist high straw grass on what is now the McGrath Football Stadium and Beach Baseball field. They were a motley crew from approximately ten surrounding cities and towns. They had nicknames like Jiggsy, Frosty, Pet, Cap, Rat, and Donuts, however, one of the...
    Inducted2006High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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  16. Monor, Bob

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedAttleboroGraduated1960
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  17. Mooney, Brandon

    Biography Brandon Mooney, AHS class of 2012 The seeds of success for Brandon Mooney were sown during a sophomore year that taught him about overcoming adversity. Mooney was an early candidate as a starting varsity linebacker and regular special-teams contributor. But an early season serious back injury sidelined the promising sophomore. Through hard work in his rehabi...
    Inducted2019High School AttendedAttleboroGraduated file
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  18. Moore, Greg

    Biography “Gallant in his blocking, determined in his bid for the ball on defense – he led the way all year” was how the Sun Chronicle and then first year Head Coach Curt Smith collectively described Greg Moore’s contributions to the 2004 Super Bowl Champion Shamrocks. Every hard-nosed team built on defense and physically imposing their will over their opponent needs ...
    Inducted2017High School AttendedBishopGraduated2005 file
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  19. Moore, Thomas W.

    Biography Bishop Feehan opened its 1977 football season with a young, inexperienced line. None, however, were younger than a rugged fifteen year old sophomore named Tom Moore. Nicknamed "Trunks" because of the size of his treelike thighs, Moore was as solid as seasoned oak in his defensive tackle position. Early injuries and inexperience yielded to increasing strength...
    Inducted1998High School AttendedBishopGraduated1980 file
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  20. Morin, Bill and "Rusty"

    Biography In the last 50 years, there are few names that are more synonymous with the City of Attleboro and support of its youth than brothers Rusty and Bill Morin. Graduates of Monsignor Coyle High School in Taunton, Russ attended the Cornell University School of Restaurant Management and Bill followed him. Upon graduation, they both served in the United States Army ...
    Inducted2014High School AttendedHonoraryGraduated file
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