Hall of Famers
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Inducted 1999
High School Attended Honorary



Don Maitland officiated his first game about 40 years ago. Since that time he has been a mainstay on the high school and college football circuit in the local area. 'Mait' as he was affectionately called, was popular figure both on and off the field. The members and guests of this banquet will remember Don as a good natured fun-loving guy who was in attendance at this banquet each year. He was often the target of some good natured barbs from the podium. In fact the Banquet committee gave 'Mait' a chance to answer back when he was the Master of Ceremonies at this banquet several years ago.

Don's son Gary co-captained the 1970 Red Rocketeer Team. After Don retired from officiating on the field he became the clock operator at North Attleboro's home football games.

Don Maitland passed away in August. He will be dearly missed by the football community which he gave so much to.

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