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  1. Achin, Mike

    Biography Mike Achin was one of the Shamrocks truly great impact players as a two-way tackle. At 6' 4" and 225 pounds, he was a punishing tackler who made his presence known on virtually every play. As a junior. he joined Hall of Fame teammates Hank McDeed, Frank Luonga , and Peter Grundy to backbone a Shamrock defense that at one juncture held the opposition scoreles...
    Inducted1988High School AttendedBishopGraduated1975 file
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  2. Antonino, Dennis

    Biography “Dennis Antonino was a football player through and through. He could do it all. He was an excellent blocker in pass protection, ran with great power, vision, balance, and speed. He was an outstanding pass catcher as well. On defense, Dennis was our “cover corner” – tasked with shutting down the opponent’s top receiver. He is certainly one of the best cover c...
    Inducted2018High School AttendedBishopGraduated2005 file
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  3. Brennan, James "Jay"

    Biography Football is a demanding sport when one is healthy and the team is winning. When playing injured on a team where victories are few and losses are frustrating, it becomes the ultimate challenge. As a three-year starter on Bishop Feehan teams which faced great adversity, Jay Brennan met that challenge. The 5'9" 170 pound running back showed power and strength w...
    Inducted2001High School AttendedBishopGraduated1979 file
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  4. Buckley, Terry

    Biography Terry Buckley was a powerful two-way player on the standout Bishop Feehan teams of 1974 and 1975, teams which featured three other Hall of Famers in Henry McDeed, Peter Grundy, and Frank Luongo. A halfback on offense and cornerback on defense, Terry led the Shamrocks to close wins over Bourne, Wareham, and Coyle-Cassidy, in his junior year, scoring touchdown...
    Inducted1990High School AttendedBishopGraduated1976 file
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  5. Carges, Chad

    Biography He looked like Jane but played like Tarzan. Beneath the boyish handsomeness and charming personality was a fierce competitor who exuded self confidence and leadership. As a basketball player, he buried some memorable three pointers particularly against cross town rival, Attleboro, and in Spring Track, he ran a strong 400 leg of a record setting sprint relay ...
    Inducted2010High School AttendedBishopGraduated1997 file
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  6. Cassidy, Mike

    Biography No one personified Head Coach Matt Lanagan’s mantra of “relentless interval” better than Mike Cassidy. Cassidy was a 6’2” 210 defensive end who anchored Feehan’s stingy defense during the ’94 and ’95 campaigns, which saw the Shamrocks win two league championships, reel off an undefeated regular season, and secure its first Superbowl berth. Offensively, Cassi...
    Inducted2016High School AttendedBishopGraduated1996 file
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  7. Cataldo, Mike

    Biography He is so humble and reserved, he almost seems shy. He is a highly principled man of dignity and integrity. He is a scholar and a gentleman of the highest caliber. However, in the athletic arena, there was no more aggressive and fierce competitor than Mike Cataldo, an All- Star tight end, linebacker, and captain of Bishop Feehan’s first Super Bowl Championshi...
    Inducted2009High School AttendedBishopGraduated1998 file
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  8. Chang, Tony

    Biography Compact, elusive and explosive. At 5'8",175 pounds, Tony Chang may have been the finest Bishop Feehan running back of the 1990' s. As a junior, under the guidance of first year coach Joe Gilmartin who featured a no huddle wide open passing attack, Chang was a blocker, receiver, kick returner, outside linebacker and all around versatile player in helping Feeh...
    Inducted2003High School AttendedBishopGraduated1994 file
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  9. Cherry, Ryan

    Biography Possessing a lethal combination of quickness, strength, and football savvy, Ryan Cherry dominated the trenches for three seasons as an offensive lineman for the Bishop Feehan Shamrocks. Perhaps not coincidentally, Cherry’s time on Holcott Drive encompassed some of the most successful years in the storied history of the program. As a sophomore in 1993 startin...
    Inducted2009High School AttendedBishopGraduated1996 file
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  10. Connelly, Thomas Scott

    Biography The caption under the picture in The Sun Chronicle read: “T Scott Connelly - The “T” stands for “Touchdown”. Thomas Scott Connelly was, indeed, Mr. Touchdown as a three year letterman for the Shamrocks of Holcott Drive. In the fall of 1997, a tall skinny running back was “The Man” on a 9-0 Freshman Football Team. Then the tall skinny kid bulked up and became...
    Inducted2011High School AttendedBishopGraduated2001 file
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  11. Conway, Ron

    Biography After winning the 2003 Super Bowl for their 3rd consecutive state title, expectations were high for Curt Smith’s inaugural season as the Bishop Feehan Head Coach. Coach Smith need not have worried; returning to lead Feehan’s drive for another championship was senior captain Ron Conway. Ron Conway was a proverbial “jack of all trades.” A two-way standout at r...
    Inducted2014High School AttendedBishopGraduated2005 file
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  12. Cosgrove, Peter

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedBishopGraduated1967
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  13. Cote, Nate

    Biography For the last decade, Bishop Feehan High School Football has enjoyed its greatest success in the 43-year history of the school. There have been six Super Bowl appearances, four Super Bowl championships, and, another conference championship and possible Super Bowl invite this season. But it wasn't always so. In the early 90's the Shamrock teams were short on n...
    Inducted2004High School AttendedBishopGraduated1994 file
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  14. Dean, Jim

    Biography At 5’10” 175 pounds, there was no fiercer competitor to take the field in the fall of 1980 for Coach Paul O’Boy’s Shamrocks than defensive end and center Jim Dean. Coming off 4 straight losing seasons, the 1980 Shamrocks were built around Hall of Fame wide receiver Bill Hyland ’81 and a young offensive line that included center Jim Dean. A line that would go...
    Inducted2015High School AttendedBishopGraduated1982 file
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  15. DePaolis, Renato

    Biography Entering the 1997 season, Bishop Feehan returned a senior laden team whose mission was to finally bring a Super Bowl championship to Holcott Drive. To accomplish this feat, coach Gary Doherty would rely on a rushing attack that featured the multi-talented Renato DePaolis. His running style was a unique combination of speed, agility, power, and aggression tha...
    Inducted2015High School AttendedBishopGraduated1998 file
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  16. Deschenes, Brendan

    Biography The 2000 Bishop Feehan Football team was stacked with talent and Brendan Deschenes epitomized the attitude they possessed. He was in the center of the action on both sides of the ball as a fullback on offense and a linebacker / safety on defense. In order for the Shamrocks to succeed, Deschenes would have to excel. After a season opening blowout win over St....
    Inducted2014High School AttendedBishopGraduated2001 file
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  17. Deschenes, Charlie

    Biography Often more important than the play of the offense or the defense, the work of special teams can strongly impact the outcome of the game. Charlie Deschenes, who started on Chet Hanewich's state champion team of 1966 and on Paul O'Boy's first varsity team in 1967, was not only a special teams' specialist, but also a sure tackler from his defensive back positio...
    Inducted2001High School AttendedBishopGraduated1968 file
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  18. Deschenes, Dave "Hawk"

    Biography They called him "Hawk" and, true to his monicker, he preyed upon ball carriers and devoured them with precision like quickness and power. David "Hawk" Deschenes was one of the driving forces in Bishop Feehan Football in the early 70's. A player who one opposing coach said he feared, Hawk was the physical presence on teams which were a combined 11-4-2 in his ...
    Inducted2000High School AttendedBishopGraduated1972 file
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  19. Dobson, Doug

    Biography An "impact player" best describes Bishop Feehan's bowling ball halfback, Doug Dobson. Whether running, catching, or kicking the football, Dobson's versatility made him a potent offensive weapon for opponents to stop. Teaming with fellow captain and Hall of Famer, Steve Kelly, Dobson was Mr. Outside to Kelly's Mr. Inside in Feehan's wishbone offense. Compact,...
    Inducted1996High School AttendedBishopGraduated1987 file
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  20. Doyle, Dave

    Biography Under construction...hope to have information soon.
    InductedHigh School AttendedBishopGraduated1970
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