North Attleboro High School
North Attleboro High School
Inducted 2001
High School Attended N. Attleboro
Graduated 1982



John Dromsky was a coach's dream. Coach Paul Sullivan would agree that Dromsky was one of the most coachab1e and talented defensive ends that he has ever worked with. His intelligence and strong sense of discipline were key ingredients to his success. He practiced with great attention to detail and technique and played the same way. On game day he understood his responsibility and he took care of business.

Dromsky became a starter at defense end for the Rocketeers in 1980. He quickly established himself as a mainstay on North's defensive line. His ability to close the off tackle hole while also protecting the outside made him one of the team's leading tacklers. During the 1980 season John had 32 tackles, 20 assists, a fumble recovery and a pass interception. The pass interception was a big play. In a tightly fought contest against Canton, John, who practiced against the screen pass all week, made a perfect read and intercepted the screen to stop the Canton drive.

The following year John had perhaps his best game for North High. In another big game against Canton he was the perfect match for Canton's wishbone attack. John's disciplined hard-nose style frustrated the Canton quarterback and took them out of their option game.

In his final game for North, Dromsky was called on to use his shotgun center talents. On a slick Thanksgiving Day field North went to a shotgun formation to give quarterback Mark Farnell better footing. Dromsky's snaps were flawless and Farnell's arm led North to a 24-13 victory.

In recognition of John's defensive ability he was selected as a 1981 Sun Chronicle All-Star. His teammates and coaches also selected him as the defensive player of the year.

After graduation John Dromsky attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy where he played football for four years. As a senior at the Academy he was selected as the team's defensive player of the year.

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