Attleboro High School
Attleboro High School
Attachment '1'
Inducted 1995
High School Attended Attleboro
Graduated 1972



As a three-year letterman and two-year starter in the 1969, 70, and 71 seasons Wayne Thornhill was a critical force on three outstanding bombardier Bristol county League Championship teams. Although, Thornhill lacked size and blazing speed, his great toughness and gutsy style of play was an inspiration to all his teammates. A real team leader, Wayne was a solid offensive halfback with outstanding broken field moves who could run from scrimmage, catch passes and return kicks. However, it was his brilliant performances on defense that made Wayne Thornhill a "super star" among his teammates, coaches, and competitors. As a junior, on a star-laden 8-1 team, the 150 lb. Thornhill was selected as an All Sun Area defensive end for his outstanding ability to shut down an opponent's offense with his tough, smart, slashing style of play. In 1971, co-captain Thornhill led the 7-2 BCL champs by destroying opponents from his linebacker's slot where he again gained All Star honors.

Wayne's smart and gutsy style created many opportunities for the big play - and always at the right time. In a 20-0 win over New Bedford Yoke, Wayne forced a fumble to set-up a score. Against Feehan, he recovered a fumble that killed a Shamrock drive. In a 12-6 victory over North, "Thornhill played his unusual brilliant game of defense."

As an Attleboro High School football player, Wayne Thornhill will always be remembered by his teammates, coaches, and opponents as a great team player, an inspirational leader - and one of the "toughest" players to ever wear the Blue and White.

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